Renault 17 Groupe 5 (1974)

Mass-market sports car, the Renault 17 was tasked with representing the brand at rallies throughout the world.

In all, fourteen models were prepared at the factory. Although the base of the production car was retained, the use of new technologies meant that its weight was slashed to 820kg. This was largely down to the inclusion of aluminium components, a technique that was still in its infancy at the time…

As regards the engine, the Renault 17 was the first model to be fitted with a Bosch D-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system. In order to prepare it to tackle rally stages, the car’s power output was increased to more than 180 horsepower. Its handling qualities were also improved thanks to its highly innovative twin braking system.

After making its debut in 1972, it made significant progress. The Renault 17 became the first Renault model to win a WRC event when Jean-Luc Thérier and Christian Delferrier finished first at the 1974 Press on Regardless Rally.

In addition to its unprecedented success in the United States, the Renault 17 showcased its qualities in securing good results in France with Jean-François Piot, Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Jean-Luc Thérier.