Hailing from the world of competitive racing, Renault Sport’s onboard telemetry system allows motorsport enthusiasts to measure their performances and provides them with a host of telemetry data whenever they venture on to the track. Available via R-Link, this smart system enables users to download track maps and replay their performances on R.S. Replay. Pierre Papin, an electronic engineer at Renault Sport, explains all.

Powered by Sensoria, the R.S. Monitor on your smartphone

The R.S. Monitor mobile app offers even more options, not least when it comes to sharing your performances on social media.

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The R.S. Monitor, hooked up with the Sensoria fitness T-shirt

Gauge your sensations at the wheel with this latest version, which allows you to monitor your heart beat with the Renault Sport special edition of Sensoria’s smart fitness T-shirt.

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